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services_omaxOur equipment and capabilities

We currently have three OMAX Waterjet machines. The two are the OMAX 80X as shown above with cutting travel of 165” x 80” and the OMAX 55100 with cutting travel of 100” x 55”. We have a complete in-house design department with experienced product designers and full 3D CAD capability. For example, visit, to view our own products that we have designed and are manufacturing in the same facility that houses our waterjet department. We’re very good at what we do and we hope you’ll ask us to be part of your machining team!

What is waterjet?


Waterjet machining centers utilize tiny streams of very high pressure water, combined with very fine garnet abrasive (looks like pink sand but is a very hard crystal powder). With the water at approximately 60,000 psi flowing through a 1mm nozzle, the cutting force is enough to cut through several inches of steel or other materials. The most popular materials that we encounter are aluminum, steel, cast iron, granite, brass, bluestone, plastics, rubber, neoprene, wood, copper and others.