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The industry standard in Banner Brackets and Mounting Hardware

By continuously redesigning and improving our street pole banner brackets and hardware, Kalamazoo Banner Works (KBW) has been able to develop the most ground-breaking and durable banner hardware in the industry. With its sleek design, simple installation, and ability to flex in the wind, KBW’s BannerFlex hardware is the best choice for your outdoor banner program. Our light pole banner brackets feature: • 10 Year Warranty • Wind Load Reduction • Proven Design that Reduces Stress on Banner Material • Quick and Easy Banner Change • Custom Length Arms Available • Finials, Wall-Mounts and Custom Brackets Available

BANNERFLEX® AIROW br_airowKBW brackets equipped with optional Airow® arms spill more wind than any other bracket on the market today.

BANNERFLEX® D3 br_d3Strong and reliable for standard or large format light pole banners up to 48″ wide and up to 96″ long.

BANNERFLEX® METRO br_metroSleek and unique for mid-size banners on ornamental or fluted light poles, suits banners up to 36″ wide and up to 72″ long.

BANNERFLEX® JR br_jrOur simple one-piece solution for smaller diameter poles. JR is ideal for banners up to 30” wide and up to 48” long.


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Wind Force CalculatorWIND FORCE CALCULATOR Visit our Wind Force Calculator to see how our banner rods perform and which type is best for you Wind Force Calculator
Hardware GuidebookHARDWARE GUIDEBOOK Download the NEW BannerFlex Banner Hardware Guidebook. Hardware Guidebook
Please refer to our Hardware Banding Guideline Chart to determine what is best for your installation. Our hardware is designed for easy installation by either banding to utility poles or bolting them to poles or flat surfaces. We can custom cut to any length for interior and exterior applications.