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Pole Banding

Tool-Applied Steel Banding
Tool-Applied Steel Banding

Pole-mounted KBW BannerFlex Banner Brackets are installed using either our custom Ideal 5/8″ wide Screw Gear (“worm gear”) Banding or our 3/4″ tool-applied  heavy duty banding.

KBW is the only company to have 5/8” “captured screw gear banding” custom manufactured in a custom length to our specifications by Ideal® Banding.

Our tools and hardware make installation of BannerFlex brackets easy, fast and absolutely secure.

All fasteners are made of stainless steel to ensure optimal performance. Both increase ease and security of bracket installation and the screw gear banding is adjustable with power drivers or hand drivers.

See our Hardware Banding Guidelines or the BannerFlex Installation Instructions for more information.

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Bracket Accessories

BannerFlex accessories are available for standard banner bracket mounting applications as well as special surfaces such as wide faced square poles or for wall-mounting banners onto surfaces such as brick, concrete or wood exterior walls.

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Tie-Down Mount™ Bracket

Tie-Down Mount
Tie-Down Mount

This bracket allows the lower portion of a banner to flutter in the breeze and is recommended for situations where there is no bottom bracket arm and/or wind loads need to be decreased.

Wind loads can be halved by attaching the lower pole-side corner with a cable tie or bungee to an anchored “tie down” and letting the outside bottom edge fly freely.

This method is extremely effective but may limit the life of an acrylic textile banner to 3 to 6 months versus 5 to 8 years, depending on wind conditions.

Digital banners on vinyl fabric should only be mounted this way on a temporary basis, that is, for display approximately one to three months due to the fact that typical vinyl banner materials are not as flexible as acrylic textile screen-printed banners.

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Square Pole Adaptors

Square Pole Adapter
Square Pole Adaptor

Also known as Adaptor Shims, they are used on the back of the D3 and Metro Main Castings to fit odd-shaped fluted poles or allow more banding tension on flat-faced square poles where the faces of the poles are 5” or larger in width to place.

They are manufactured to fit our hardware cross-sections and are available individually or ordered already attached to our BannerFlex hardware.

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Finials for KBW BannerFlex Brackets

Standard round finial shown w/ KBW JR hardware
Standard round finial shown w/ KBW JR hardware

KBW by Consort manufactures finials, or decorative banner bracket arm ends, for all the KBW arms except the tapered “Airow®” arm.

The design is a full-round, spherical 1 3/8” diameter ball which is welded to a sleeve and then glued to the end of the rod.

The standard finish is black but custom colors are available with a longer lead time.

The round finial is small enough to slip through 3” or larger banner hems and the banner hem will easily slide over the decorative element without the need for removal as would be necessary for larger spherical shapes.

Because the KBW finials are permanently attached to the banner arm, they will not fall off to create a hazard. Custom flat finials can also be produced on a waterjet machine and can be any shape, including letters and numbers.

Please allow three (3) to six (6) weeks from the order date for custom options including shape and color.

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KBW BannerFlex D3 Bracket Accessories

Flag Pole Adaptor
Flag Pole Adaptor

BannerFlex accessories add versatility to your banner hardware installation. The Flag Pole Adaptors and the Flower Pot Adaptors are special arms that fit within the BannerFlex D3 Main Castings to allow alternatives when banners are not displayed.

Flower Pot Arm
Flower Pot Adaptor

The KBW D3 Main Casting must be purchased separately.

The Flag Pole Adaptor fits securely in the main casting and will accommodate a pole that is 1” in diameter by 6’ in length.

The Flower Pot Adaptor measures 19” exposed and cants upward slightly to bear more weight and resist sagging.

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