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Square Pole Adapter


This Adapter can be applied (by KBW or customer) to the BannerFlex D3 and BannerFlex Metro main castings to fit unusual or odd-shaped fluted poles or to allow more banding tension on larger square poles where the ‘flat face’ measures 5” or larger in width.

Main casting sold separately

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All BannerFlex products are custom assembled per order. Please allow 3 to 10 business days prior to shipping. We will email your shipping date within one business day from your order date.

Also known as Adapter Shims, KBW square pole adaptors are used when banding BannerFlex brackets onto poles that have square “cross sections” where the faces of the pole are 5” or larger in width. These adaptor shims also fit odd shaped fluted poles. This allows the banding to apply the proper pressure onto the casting. They are manufactured to fit exclusively KBW hardware cross sections. When ordered individually and not attached to casting, the adaptor will be ready to attach to the casting including bolts. It is therefore necessary to drill two (2) holes in the main casting to properly fasten casting and adapter. Not available online in black. See “Details” below.


  • Available individually or already attached to BannerFlex hardware
  • Adapters are used with the D3 and the Metro / D4 Main Castings
  • Not available online in black
  • Adapters may be special ordered in black by contacting Consort. They may also be spray painted by customer.
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