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Podia Template – Retro Springtime

April Showers bring Groovy Flowers!

This bright floral display is perfect for point-of-purchase promotions and sales.

Click the photo to access the full size template, then right-click and choose, save as file.


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Printing for Podia

Because Podia uses standard letter sized paper, most Podia users print images right from their desktop printer. Please consult your software’s Help menu for specific questions.

Word Processing Programs

1. Setup image in background (if using the templates supplied on our blog) Choose "Watermark" or page background, depending on your software. Browse to the image you wish to use. Make sure the image is set to fill the background and uncheck "washed out" or "transparency" for best results. watermark 2. Setting Margins and Columns
Margins: In most cases, margins for your word processing document will be limited by those of your printer. Set your document margins (usually found in the format menu) to the same as your printer. If the printer has different margins from one side to another, apply the larger margin to both sides of your document. We recommend setting the top and bottom margins the same.
margins Columns: In the Format menu locate the Columns option. Podia requires the two column setting. The space between the two columns is a very important factor in this step. It should be twice the size of the margins because it represents the right margin of one panel and the left margin of the other. columns Other Panel Design Options Many programs allow placement of photos, clip-art, background images, ruled lines and text boxes. Because abilities and commands vary widely from one program to another we recommend you consult your software’s Help menu for details. Make Your Text Pop Out with Drop Shadows Follow the steps for adding drop shadows in your favorite software [caption id="attachment_18374" align="alignnone" width="980"]Before and After Before and After[/caption]   When you have the first column completed:
  1. copy the text (use the edit menu ‘copy’ command or press [Ctrl] + C)
  2. insert a column break (use the insert menu ‘break’ command or press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Enter])
  3. paste the text (use the edit menu ‘paste’ command or press [Ctrl] + V)
NOTE: This method may not reproduce text boxes or image boxes.

Printing Podia Inserts

Once the insert is completed, print using your home or office computer, fold the paper lengthwise, insert it through the bottom of the Podia, and it’s ready to display!! podiaassembly
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