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Consort Wind Force Calculator

Select a banner size and adjust the wind speed below to see how our banner rods perform and which type is best for you.

Banner Size

30" x 60" (762mm x 1524mm)

30' x 94" (762mm x 2388mm)

Wind Speed (mph)

Calculations for a banner sized in.
at wind speeds of  

Wind Force
% Reduction
13/16" (20.6mm) Round Rod


Wind Force Calculator Information


Consort provides this data for customer convenience. Consort does not assume any liability associated with use of this data by anyone. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine to his/her own satisfaction that the structures (light poles, buildings, etc.) are able to withstand the increased wind load generated by the installation of one or more banners of a particular size on that structure using Consort banner brackets. Consort recommends that the pole manufacturer or a structural engineer be consulted in making that determination.

EPA: Effective Projected Area is a value given to outdoor pole-mounted equipment, such as lighting fixtures, signs and banners, based on the sum of the pole and attached fixture(s) surface area and shape, in square feet. For banners mounted with flexible arm brackets the EPA will change (get smaller) with increasing wind loads. A good way to envision the EPA of wind-loaded banners is as the deflected shape of the banner projected onto a flat surface.

Drag: Non-dimensional coefficient based on the banner shape’s resistance to wind.

Windforce: Pressure x EPA x Drag on one arm (lbs).
% Reduction: EPA/banner area.