Consort Display Group

Anatomy of a Finished Banner

1. Interior Banner

All interior hems are single rolled and single stitched. This is a less bulky solution that allows for a cleaner presentation when on DisplayONE products.

2. Exterior Banner

All exterior banner hems are double rolled and double stitched. For banners larger than 24″ x 48″ in size, Consort recommends using a 4″ hem. For banners smaller than 24” x 48″, a 3″ hem is preferable.

3 .Grommets

Consort uses #2 brass spur grommets on its exterior banners. This allows nylon ties to go through the grommet and the hardware, anchoring the banner tight to the pole.

4. Side Seams

(For Screen Printed Banners)

Screen printed banners are sewn with 1/2″ side seams to prevent the material from fraying. Depending on the material used, side seams may or may not be needed.

(For Digital Banners)

Unless a fabric material is used, most digital banners do not require any side seams at all. This allows for a much cleaner presentation from front to back.

Screen Printed Banner Finishing

Digital Banner Finishing

Wind Slits
Wind slits add vibration to the pole(s) or stand used