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Screen printed banners are perfect for long-term outdoor banner use. The simple yet bold design is often the best way to convey your message.

Screen printing features:

· Standard Finishing and Options

· Durable Marine Grade Fabrics and Colors

· Fade and Weather Resistant

· Warranted for 2 Years


Digital banners can be printed on a number of different materials for indoor or outdoor use. With its photographic look, digital imaging allows you to bring photos, logos, or illustrations to life.

Super Bow Digital Banner

Digital printing features:

· Photographic Look

· Banner Material Options

· Standard Finishing and Options

· Warranted for 1 Year


When deciding between screen-printed banners and digitally printed banners, here are some things for you to consider.

Screen Printed Digitally Printed
Base Material Marine Grade Acrylic 18 oz. Reinforced Vinyl
Artwork Vibrant colors& simple designs Complex colors& photo images
Standard Finishing & Options Yes Yes
Weather resistant Yes Yes
Fade resistant Yes No
Warranty 2 years 1 year

Screen printed light pole banners are printed on both sides of marine acrylic fabric (Sunbrella® – our quality standard) using heat-set thermo-plastic colorfast inks. For the most durable banners in any weather condition, our marine acrylic fabric is the best choice. We have customers who have displayed our screen printed banners for over 20 years during holiday seasons on KBW BannerFlex hardware.

Generally speaking, screened banners are bolder, simpler presentations than most digitally printed banners. Of course, it’s mostly in the design process when these decisions are made, so look at the KBW stock seasonal screen print designs to see the difference.

Digitally printed light pole banners are generally printed on both sides of 18-ounce reinforced vinyl and are the strongest digital vertical light pole banners on the market today. Digital imaging has quickly become the preferred method of printing as it provides considerably more design option and complexity, especially if your needs demand more colors and more photographic-type images. Digital printing has also become more competitive in pricing with screen printed banners and may be just the ticket if you need more graphic flexibility or just a few banners in a hurry.

Digital Printing Materials

13 oz. Scrim Vinyl

This material has a smooth matte surface and is ideal for one-sided outdoor use because of its scrim backing, providing strength and durability.

13 oz. Blockout Vinyl

Our blockout banner material is micro-textured for a smooth, highly consistent surface.

With the addition of a blockout layer in the middle of the material, this vinyl has the capability of being printed on both sides. We recommend this type of banner for indoor banner displays and tradeshow booths.

18 oz. Blockout Vinyl

A heavy duty version of the 13 oz blockout vinyl, this material provides superior strength and durability and can be printed on both sides. Great for pole banners, “over-the-street” banners and stadium decorations, this material offers very low cold crack, excellent resistance to wind whip and exceptional long life.

Recommended Applications
Interior Applications Exterior Applications Horizontal Applications Double Sided Printing
Available Materials 13 oz. Banner Vinyl    
13 oz. Blackout Vinyl    
18 oz. Blackout Vinyl