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Bacon Station Sports Mouth-watering Pennants!

Well, as they say, “What’s Next?!”  How about bacon images on your Dori Pole pennants? Bet you never thought of that! Yes, it’s true, in Consort’s home town of Kalamazoo, the annual 26.2 marathon has been a major community event near the first part of May for many years. For the past four years the inspired and enthusiastic neighbors that live near the halfway point have sponsored what every creative marathon needs, a Bacon Station! With porcine delights of many forms the racers are enticed to drop their racer-motivated diets for just the opposite. Of course, most of the bacon and bacon muffins, cookies, fudge, and so on are eagerly consumed by the cheering spectators. But, a surprising number of the meat-candy is taken up by the racers, usually to be tossed aside 50 yards later where the neighborhood dogs have taken up their cheering section. A delightful time for all, to be sure, and the racers appreciate the attention and support, even if they aren’t into the dubious nutrition being marketed to them.


The bacon pennants are not a stock item in our array of available pennants, but the 14′ long Bacon Pennant with the black background, shown on this site, is available by special order.


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