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Exhibit System: Modular Display System

DisplayONE® Exhibit System is a compact, lightweight system that assembles in minutes without tools. Based on a single panel core unit this expandable, telescoping system can be customized for any situation using unique components.

The exhibit system is ideal for roll-up digital banners, screen printed images, Velcro® compatible fabrics, and rigid boards.

Height is variable from 53″ to 94″ and several stock widths are available from 20″ to 120″ per panel.

Key Features:

  • Tool-free assembly
  • Black finish
  • Two-sided
  • Lightweight
  • Connectable

The versatile, connectible & adjustable display system.

Exhibit System: Single Panel Unit
It Starts With the Single. Our basic core unit. It’s the starting point for many other configurations. This simple, one-panel display is available in varying widths and can be adjusted to as high as 94″. Graphics and accessories can be swiftly changed, assembled, taken apart and packed for easy and convenient travel from one presentation to the next.
Tradeshow Options:
8′ Booth
97″ wide x 94″ tall
10′ Booth
112″ wide x 94″ tall
Digital Banner Panel

30″ wide x 94″ tall 36″ wide x 94″ tall 46″ wide x 94″ tall 60″ wide x 94″ tall
$279.20 $288.00 $312.00 $412.00
Prices do not include graphics Widths are available from 20″ to 120″. Contact our sales team for further pricing

Exhibit System: Double Panel Unit

Double the impact of your presentation

By simply adding two horizontal bars and an upright section to the single, you can easily give yourself more display space by creating a two-panel exhibit. Ideal for when a single panel is too small and the triple is too large.

Configurations made by adding two horizontal bars and an upright section to the single.

Tradeshow Options:

8′ Booth – 46″ x 46″ widths x 94″ tall
10′ Booth – 60″ x 60″ widths x 94″ tall

Exhibit System: Triple Panel Unit

The triple lets you make a big statement. This unit gives you the most options for different configurations. Display two singles by easily removing the middle horizontal bars. Or connect three uprights to create a double. Whichever you choose the triple offers plenty of simple versatility for making better and more interesting presentations.

Configurations made using two complete DisplayONE single units on each end and adding two horizontal bars in the middle. 

Tradeshow Options:
8′ Booth – widths: 30″ x 36″ x 30″ – height: 94″
10′ Booth – widths: 30″ x 46″ x 30″ – height: 94″

Exhibit System: Multi Panel Unit

Multiple ways to get your message across

Connects as many panels as you need. Stretch them out for a perfect backdrop. Zigzag them to create a partition or give excitement to your space. You might even make a step display with panels of different height, adding variety and special impact. DisplayONE multiple units allow you to create and alter your presentations to fit any occasion.

Configurations made by adding multiple horizontal bars and upright sections to the single.

Tradeshow Options:

Towers – 24″ widths x 94″ tall