Consort Display Group

Components: DisplayONE® Exhibit System

A DisplayONE® Exhibit System is truly the sum of its parts. Lightweight, interchangeable and connectable, the many components of DisplayONE can come together to form a wide selection of display units and arrangements beginning with a single panel and moving up to as many connected panels as you need. All components come in either silver or black finishes with durable fittings and accessories.

Key Features:

  • Tool-free assembly
  • Silver or black finish
  • Two-sided
  • Lightweight
  • Connectable
Helix Bolt and
Ring Bar
Grabber Bar X Tower
helix-bolt-ring-bar grabber-bar kiosk-con
Connection of multiple
units for larger displays
Moves graphics
to eye level
Criss-crosses for
multiple panels
‘Downstop Lock’
Telescoping Tube
‘Cam Lock’
Telescoping Tube
Intermediate Tube
do-downstop telescoping-tube intermediate-tube
Slide upper tube to
lock into lower tube.
Twist upper tube to
lock into lower tube.
For ‘cam’ system
and taller units
Floor Foot Intermediate Foot Round Foot
floor-foot intermediate-foot round-foot
For display stands For tabletop displays For towers