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ATM and Drive-up lane signage

How Many Cars Drive Through Your ATM/Teller Lanes? Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Market to these Customers with Drive Thru Signage Does your bank or credit union keep track of how many cars use your ATM and drive through lanes? If not, maybe they should.  According to a 2013 American Banker article Why Banks Are […]

Date posted: October 7, 2014 Category: Company Blog, digital, KBW Blog

Carrying out Successful Research for a Web Project - Tuts+ Web D

The following is an article published by the American Public Works Association’s APWA Reporter in July 2013: “Communities are increasingly using light pole banners to add excitement and community spirit to events and occasions.  Yet many communities in high wind and hurricane zones face challenges using banners due to risks of light pole damage from […]

Date posted: August 8, 2013 Category: KBW Blog

BannerFlex D3 mounting hardware with banding

Consort’s new banner bracket online store is now up and running. The new store makes the ordering of our street pole banner brackets easy and swift. There are two ways to go through the site and the products depending on how much you do or do not know about ordering the proper banner hardware […]

Date posted: June 19, 2012 Category: KBW Blog


Do you have a potentially new light pole banner project and you’re just not sure how the banners will look on your poles? If so, here’s some information for you. Our KBW/Consort art staff can show you exactly how those banners will “welcome” folks to your designated place. First, let me show you some actual […]

Date posted: January 15, 2012 Category: KBW Blog

Custom 30 x 94 screen print with side-car banner

Yes! For exterior vertical streetscape banners, Kalamazoo Banner Works by Consort, continues to offer both screen print and digital printing. And, although the process of digital imaging on vinyl media continues to grow, the screen printed textile banner is almost in a come-back mode, according to our in-house sales force here at Consort Display Group. […]

Date posted: October 10, 2011 Category: KBW Blog


The Kalamazoo Banner Works division of Consort was pleased to be asked by the Wauchula, Florida “Main Street Wauchula” (MSW) program to assist in designing and manufacturing their new street banners in mid-2010. Earlier this year, we received some wonderful installation photos showing the fun and somewhat whimsical banners up and greeting folks to this […]

Date posted: August 19, 2011 Category: KBW Blog


Since I’ve been actively and earnestly involved in our first product line, Kalamazoo Banner Works, for over 27 years, I’ve developed quite a lot to say about it. I believe it is worthwhile to share, especially since we are asked questions daily about the subject of hardware for light pole banners.The Kalamazoo Banner Works (KBW) line of BannerFlex® Banner […]

Date posted: March 21, 2011 Category: KBW Blog


Preface: This information is presented especially for those considering the specification of banner brackets for exterior light and utility poles. This information is recommended for anyone considering the purchase of competing products to the KBW Kalamazoo Banner Works product line. Please Note: The installation of banners on exterior light and utility poles is serious business. […]

Date posted: January 5, 2011 Category: Company Blog, KBW Blog


Because Kalamazoo Banner Works’ BannerFlex Banner Brackets are literally the leading and most trusted products in the street light banner bracket business, most people assume they are also the most expensive. Not true. There are two main reasons this assumption is false. First of all, the actual US dollar cost of our BannerFlex products are […]

Date posted: November 6, 2010 Category: KBW Blog

BannerFlex D3 hardware with finials

Increasingly, our outdoor street light banner bracket sales folks receive questions regarding wall mounting vertical banners on exterior walls. Because there is much to know before you install this type of banner, KBW/Consort does have dependable and creative solutions to accomplish this.The challenges in selecting the proper mounting methods include several factors such as the width and length of the banners, how […]

Date posted: September 3, 2010 Category: KBW Blog

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