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Well, as they say, “What’s Next?!”  How about bacon images on your Dori Pole pennants? Bet you never thought of that! Yes, it’s true, in Consort’s home town of Kalamazoo, the annual 26.2 marathon has been a major community event near the first part of May for many years. For the past four years the […]

Date posted: May 18, 2016 Category: Dori Pole Blog, News

Dori Pole is a great goose deterrent

By Kelle Barr, Special to Lake Life Magazine See the video below and read how Dori Poles not only add a festive flair to lake homes but also deter pest birds from making a mess! Vibrant-colored flags and pennants have long been an effective marketing tool, but they are the new rage at area lakefront […]

Date posted: December 12, 2013 Category: Dori Pole Blog

12' Dori JR (Pole Only)

The use of Dori Pole Pennants at lake homes and cottages is growing rapidly in North America. And, lake home and cottage owners are among our favorite customers because they almost always seem to be happy! The fact is, why not?! They’re communicating with us about a fun, unusual product (Dori Pole) for a fun […]

Date posted: August 10, 2011 Category: Dori Pole Blog


The topic of deterring geese and ducks from landing in certain areas has come up often in my world. First of all, because we manufacture the Dori Pole® Pennant System and, second, because our family has a lake cottage in Michigan where the shoreline is a favored spot for birds to gather, party, and leave […]

Date posted: July 21, 2011 Category: Dori Pole Blog


“These pennant things are amazing! The geese are actually afraid of them,” cites golf pro, Dick Stewart, of the Kalamazoo Country Club who, along with the golf course superintendent, John Fulling, has tried “everything” to deter geese from making a mess of the 12th tee and green and the 13th tee. This Michigan country club […]

Date posted: November 4, 2010 Category: Dori Pole Blog

Creates more traffic to your open house

Many homeowners have been using Dori Poles in a wide variety of ways. Thats right, Dori Poles aren’t only the perfect addition to an event, festival, or business; they are also a great for residential use. The pennant system is being used to define a sense of space and place for the homeowner. Gardeners truly […]

Date posted: October 18, 2010 Category: Dori Pole Blog

Mount to your dock to deter birds

Dori Poles can attract attention to any business. The high flying fifteen foot pennants, on our non-tangling, swiveling “Yoke” bracket would catch the eye of even the most inattentive potential customer.   Not only does the Dori Pole grab people’s attention, it is a great, green, eco-friendly bird deterrent. It is for these two reasons […]

Date posted: October 7, 2010 Category: Dori Pole Blog


Of course, Dori Pole pennants have been in thousands of outdoor settings over the past 25 years, but to me they always look best in the newest and latest installation! Maybe that’s the point. The 20 foot tall fiberglass pole with the 15 foot long flowing nylon pennant has its own, unique never-out-of-style kind of […]

Date posted: May 5, 2010 Category: Dori Pole Blog


With Consort’s festival Dori Pole Pennant System, we receive quite a few questions similar to, “Does the Dori Pole really keep birds away from wherever it’s installed?” The amazing answer is, “Yes!” it really does do all that! I’m not even exactly sure how we discovered that it had that effect on birds. I believe […]

Date posted: January 19, 2010 Category: Dori Pole Blog

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