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BannerFlex Square Wall Mounting Plate
BannerFlex Square Wall Mounting Plate

Wall Mount Plates

Wall Mount Plates are for mounting KBW BannerFlex® D3 Banner Brackets on exterior or interior wall applications. When utilizing this application, we recommend a special mounting between the bracket and the wall to increase the surface area of the installation.

Most exterior wall installations are brick or other masonry, wood siding or concrete. Because the banner bracket’s main casting is quite small (3” x 7” – for our largest model) the wind pressure transferred from the banner to the bracket becomes quite concentrated and puts an extreme force onto a very small area during major wind events. Because the wall is not designed for this type of concentrated force, there is a tendency for the outer edges of the main casting to quickly wear into the surface.

For this reason, we recommend installing our steel plate onto the back of each main casting to provide a larger surface area in order to spread the wind load and protect the wall surface. The plates can be attached by substantial anchors or lag bolts to and/or through the wall, depending on the wall’s composition. We recommend using four fastening locations per plate or through the exterior wall.

Every exterior wall-mounted installation is different and more importantly the structural integrity of the proposed mounting areas is impossible for KBW/ Consort to analyze for the customer. Due to the extra forces wind puts onto a surface, we strongly suggest a qualified professional assist to determine the appropriate size banners and mounting plates, as well the best location and method of installing banners onto walls.

With that information available, KBW can then design the plates and provide the pricing information. We only warranty the products we provide in accordance with the engineer’s specifications. We cannot assume any liability for the engineer’s specifications, the anchoring system, mounting surface or structural integrity of the exterior wall upon which the plates and brackets are fastened.

The standard wall mount is square in shape and measures 9.50” x 9.50” and is available with a lead time of 2 – 3 business days.

Other designs are shown as well as custom shapes and colors are also available but require a longer lead time, typically 10- 15 business days.

Depending on the recommendation of the professional, factors such as wall integrity may influence installation. For example, bolts may need to pass entirely through the exterior wall by using an additional plate within the interior of the building. That is, the wall is then “sandwiched” by two metal plates.

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