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BannerFlex Standard Arms

BannerFlex Metro Shown with Standard Arm

The KBW standard round fiberglass bracket arms come in two sizes:  13/16” and ¾”. Both provide flexibility while maintaining strength and increasing the life of your banner.  The 3/16” rods can be adjusted without moving the main casting. They also can be removed completely or replaced with flag or flower pot holders.

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BannerFlex® Airow

BannerFlex D3 shown with Airow Arm
BannerFlex D3 shown with Airow Arm

The KBW BannerFlex Airow is the result of over two years of research and development. Through the process, we conducted wind tunnel and material testing along with the use of computer-aided-design programs. The rod uses specially shaped pultruded fiberglass with its natural flexibility and resiliency to gain significantly higher wind force reduction than with solid fiberglass banner bracket configurations.

We’ve combined weather-durable aluminum castings with milled and UV-resistant coated fiberglass Airow arms to provide a virtually maintenance-free bracket assembly. This combination also provides maximum wind force reduction for many, many years.

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BannerFlex Airow Benefits

  • Our KBW BannerFlex hardware offers proven patented technology so you know it will perform exactly the way it is designed to.
  • Our 10-year warranty on our banner hardware is the strongest in the industry, hands down. Designed without moving parts and manufactured using corrosion resistant aluminum, you won’t have to worry about parts wearing out or needing to be replaced.
  • Our banner hardware has been wind-force tested up to 100 mph, so you know your brackets will withstand extremely windy storms.

The Airow arm is available on the original BannerFlex D-3, for larger banners, as well as on the BannerFlex Metro™ bracket created especially for ornamental, fluted and smaller diameter poles.

BannerFlex Arm

Standard Airow
D3 & JR Metro D3 & Metro
Arm Size 13/16″ round 3/4″ round 3/4″ tapered
Flexibility while maintaining strength Yes Yes Yes
Absorbs wind energy Yes Yes Yes
Reduces stress on light pole Yes Yes Yes
Increases banner longevity Yes Yes Yes
Withstands winds up to 70 mph Yes Yes Yes
Increase rod flexibility by 50% over standard rods No No Yes
Dissipates more wind energy to reduce stress on banner and light pole No No Yes
Ideal for high wind areas No No Yes

Banner Size w/ standard arm


Metro JR
18″ x 36″ No Yes Yes
24″ x 48″ No Yes Yes
30″ x 60″ Yes Yes Yes
30″ x 72″ Yes Yes Yes
30″ x 84″ Yes Yes No
30″ x 94″ Yes No No

Banner Size w/ Airow arm

D3 Metro
18″ x 36″ N/A N/A
24″ x 48″ No Yes
30″ x 60″ Yes Yes
30″ x 72″ Yes Yes
30″ x 84″ Yes Yes
30″ x 94″ Yes No

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