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BannerFlex® Light Pole Banner Brackets

Banner brackets and hardware are the most important part of a successful light pole banner system. A banner bracket performs other functions rather than just holding up a banner. Choosing the right system for your needs can make a difference in how your banners perform, how long they last and how it affects the stress on your light pole. That’s why Consort Display Group has invested countless hours in engineering, developing and testing our Kalamazoo Banner Works (KBW) BannerFlex® brand light pole banner bracket products. And now, our BannerFlex banner brackets are the most trusted name in banner hardware.

Developed in 1983, KBW BannerFlex is the first banner bracket to use flexible fiberglass arms rather than steel rods. The patented KBW BannerFlex bracket extends the life of your banners through its unique “canted” design and deflects enough wind load to measurably reduce the stress on light poles. At Consort Display Group, we use aerodynamic engineering and cutting-edge technology to design and produce the safest, most secure solutions for outdoor light pole banners. We remain committed to ongoing development, resulting in the most tested and reliable brackets on the market. Our 10-year limited warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee are the longest and strongest in the industry. 

BannerFlex D3 light pole banner bracket with banding
BannerFlex D3 light pole banner mounting hardware with banding

Engineering – Aerodynamic wind-tunnel testing supports decades of experience. Science and technology have helped us create a world-class line of banner brackets.

Materials – We use only the finest materials: heat-treated, corrosion resistant aluminum, pultruded fiberglass rods for unparalleled durability and coated screws to resist pollutants.

Consort continues this tradition of being the industry innovator with products that always surpass the ordinary. Our research and development is on-going and relentless.

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