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Podia and SNAPSign Tabletop and Wall Signs

Podia and SNAPSign are extremely durable & user friendly two-sided message capsules that perfectly fit 8.5”x11” standard paper that is folded lengthwise. They both work for tabletop and wall messages and are both indestructible polycarbonate.

What is different between Podia and SNAPSign?

Podia is the original, bulk-packed display that has become so popular with the hospitality industry, since 2007. The standard model is a tabletop-only version and may be ordered with an optional base such as Wall-Mount, Magnetic, Weighted and Slatwall for an additional charge. There is no additional packaging or instructions with the Podia version. The basic capsule is slightly less expensive than the SNAPSign version.

SNAPSign is the same capsule as Podia but is shrink-wrapped in a “retail” package with a two-sided instructional insert and the base has a special Wall-Mount hook already included, tucked under the base. SnapSign is priced just slightly higher than the standard Podia.

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