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The 2013 SGIA Expo draws thousands of imagers from around the world to one expansive show floor. Attendees can see hundreds of exhibitors showcasing the broadest range of technology available on the market. In addition, this year we’re bringing even more markets to the Expo floor to help attendees get the widest (see what we did there?) range of possibilities and opportunities available today.

Introducing FlagTrax®

Flagtrax dramatically reduces the costs, while speeding up the changing of vertical light pole and wall-mounted banners and flags. This cost saving is possible because the media can now be changed hassle-free in seconds from ground level without need of bucket trucks, expensive labor, traffic management plans or health and safety issues. Here’s how it works: The aluminum track is mounted on the pole or wall so that the bottom end is easily accessible from ground level. The banner, which has a special “Slider Tape” installed on the pole side, is then threaded onto a durable plastic “PushPull” Rod which is then inserted into the aluminum track and pushed up to the final mounting height and then locked into place.

The annual cost savings for banner changes is significant. For example, light pole banner changes in Los Angeles approach $100.00 per pole with the use of bucket trucks and related labor. A FlagTrax change from the ground might average $10 to $20 per change, resulting in savings of approximately $80 per change per light pole. With six changes per year, that represents $480.00 in cost savings for just that pole alone.

Potential end-users for FlagTrax include all the organizations that now utilize lighting poles and walls for the display of their vertical-format banners which are seen in virtually every city in the US and Canada. This list also includes shopping centers, museums, festivals and special events, education and healthcare facilities, among others.

SGIA-oriented industries benefit mainly through the significant cost savings of banner changes, thereby promoting an increase in numbers of flags and banners installed each year on the same pole or wall. Once a FlagTrax® unit is installed on a pole or wall, a significant amount of the displaying organization’s budget can then be put to changing the message more frequently or adding more locations that couldn’t otherwise have been afforded. This will result in more digital media designing and printing. Also, due to the fact that FlagTrax flags and banners inherently spill half the wind force of banners that are attached by both a top and bottom bracket arms, a larger flag or banner can now be installed on that same light pole. Therefore, a bigger banner means a larger message area and increased digital printing.

KBW FlagTrax is a product of the Kalamazoo Banner Works (KBW) Division of Consort Display Group. The FlagTrax System and PushPull Rod are the intellectual property and trademarks of Nexus Developments Ltd. of New Zealand and are protected by various patents.

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