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FlagTrax® Street Flags

FlagTrax Street Flags provide an affordable alternative to traditional light pole banners or street banners. Indeed, they can be changed out frequently without the use of bucket trucks. This makes them ideal for businesses and organizations who need to change out their marketing messages often. For example, downtown areas who host a variety of different festivals, sports teams running different promotions, amusement parks, concert venues, schools, and more. FlagTrax is designed for use with fabric flags made of knitted or woven polyester and nylon, single or double-sided, as well as vinyl materials and acrylic fabrics. The polyester and nylon fabrics are similar to what would be used for a traditional flag you would see on a flag pole. The image on these fabrics is bleed-through, reversed and allows sunlight to “light up” the flags. The light weight also makes it look more festive and welcoming. For the message to be readable on both sides, a two-sided polyester or nylon with a blockout works fine as well as vinyl materials and acrylic fabrics.

What is a “Street Flag” and how is it different from a “Street Banner”?

  • Street Flags are attached at the top and side but not along the bottom. This allows it to flow freely along the outer edge, catching attention with color and flutter. Check out our photo gallery to see the look of FlagTrax Street Flags.
  • The FlagTrax System is made so flag and banner changes can be made from the ground, without the use of bucket trucks.
  • Street Banners are generally stretched taut top to bottom by flexible BannerFlex Hardware.
  • BannerFlex is a great choice for long-term display, but light pole banner changes require the expense of bucket trucks.

FlagTrax Street Flags vs. Traditional Flags and Light Pole Banners