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Features & Benefits

  • No more bucket trucks! The FlagTrax street flag system lets you change your flag from ground level. This allows almost anyone to change out the street flag. This makes it easy to change your message more frequently.
  • Our secure locking mechanism keeps your street flag safe and secure until it is unlocked with our unique key.
  • These innovative street flags can be mounted on light posts or walls giving your more options for placement.

Change street flags quickly and easily from the ground

Change Flags Quickly

FlagTrax saves money with no bucket trucks

Save Money
No Bucket Trucks Needed

Change your light pole banner message more often

Frequently Change
Can be done by anyone


  • “I do not believe other installation systems we have seen are remotely as good as the FlagTrax PushPull System…”

    FlagTrax Customer
  • “South Waikato District Council is happy to endorse the Flagtrax System, so much more cost effective than the older systems.”

    FlagTrax Customer